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“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

- Tony Stavish

A clients personal space, whether at home or at the office, is a part of who they are. At Velvet Interior and Design, our goal is to make any space, a place where you can be the best version of yourself. We focus on your dream designs and the special items you have, we take the surrounding space into consideration and bring everything together, to make Velvet Interior and Design everything work in harmony and create a perfect, peaceful and balanced space, specially designed for YOU!

At the heart of Velvet's approach to interior design is the client. We are passionate about creating thoughtful spaces tailored to our client's desires and lifestyle. We love creating interior spaces that are personal, inviting and unique to you.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”

- Nate Berkus

I always tell my clients, I can come into your home or office space and redesign everything, design a brand new space. It is so important for me to step back and let the client take the lead, while I give professional advice and guidance. I love using important pieces or heritage and incorporate them into a new design. In that way, your stamp and your personal style is still in your house or office, I just help you work with what you have and bring it all together for that sophisticated look.

Small to medium-sized projects
From the re-upholstery of your grandmothers’ rocking chair to the complete redesign and planning of your new home.
We also do the full furnishing of rental and investment properties.

Larger Projects
Corporate spaces, boutique hotels, game lodges, restaurants and coffee shops.
We have worked with several big companies over the years.


We make all types of curtains and have a variety of curtain headers, hardware, designs and fabrics from various fabric houses to choose from.

Change is as good as a holiday they always say – why not reupholster your existing furniture, give it a new jacket, and make it the focus point of the room. We have a vast variety of fabrics to choose from and we will be there every step of the way to help you make your decisions.

We custom make all types of loose cushions, outdoor patio cushions and scatter cushions.

We can help you choose the correct paint colour, wallpaper or mural for your walls. We make use of experienced installers to bring your walls to life and make a statement in any room.

Whether roller blinds, Uniview roller blinds, wooden or aluminum venetian blinds – we can assist.

Mock roman blind, working roman blind, shaped with a tassel or straight and plain,  a roman blind gives a dull window the finishing touch. It is almost like a painting, framing that beautiful window.

We can source and help you find the perfect décor accessories for your space, from rugs, vases, lights, chandeliers, artwork and picture framing – you name it we will find it for you.

Don’t know how to arrange your furniture and to optimally make use of your space? Let us help you. We can come to your house and give advice, or we can go shopping together. We work on an hourly rate, and are more than willing to assist.

We can custom design and make any furniture to fit into a specific space and to your requirements.

How does it work?

We offer a turnkey service for the residential, retail and corporate clients from the design process to the implementation and the installation. Firstly we come together for a consultation, I get to know you and your specific needs. We will then put the designs and ideas together for you and we will look at the endless amount of fabric options available. I will help you choose all your finishes, fabrics and décor along the way.

Then comes the quotation where we will give you a layout of all the prices, we try our best to take all budgets into consideration. As soon as you are satisfied with the designs and quotation and all the finances are sorted out, the process will begin. If all is ready and done, we will do the installation – where the magic happens!

Who Am I?

Let me introduce myself – I am Uline Steyn – Interior Designer and owner of Velvet Interior and Design. I am quite artistic although I don’t like to admit it. I love dogs! So if I greet your dogs before you, please don’t take it personally. My own preferred interior style is a mix between Eclectic, Shabby Chic and Vintage. I love velvet and flowers, especially peonies – thus the logo and the name. And I absolutely love my job…

I remember as a little girl, my mom would frequently rearrange the furniture in the house, change the way the curtains were draped, make new curtains or move around accessories from the one table to the next. As I got older, I helped her, she asked me to give my opinion, I would help move things around or we would go fabric shopping together. Then I started doing it too - with every school holiday, I would rearrange everything in my room, all the furniture and accessories. I remember feeling such pride after I was done, from chaos to perfection. I believe without a doubt that my mom influenced me to become an Interior Designer. But then again my dad, he is the perfect handyman, and he taught me so much over the years, he has always been the person to execute all my brilliant plans.

I have my degree in BSc. Consumer Science (Interior Retail Management), I have been working in the industry since 2012 and Velvet Interior and Design was born in 2014. This business is my pride and passion – I have worked very hard to build the name and I have been blessed with the absolute best and loyal clients over the years.

My business exists thanks to my family- my wonderful husband who helps me with installations (although he has his own very successful business- but he can’t say no to me…), my mom who helps with the finer stitching and support, my dad with his miracles working hands and practical outlook – he helps with woodwork and restorations from time to time and everything I can’t do. And my in-laws – for always being there and supporting us.


Velvet radiates an abundance of professionalism, passion and creativity….all the characteristics of its tiny, friendly owner!


Uline has a great gift of understanding her client’s heart and headspace and as always this project was a dream and totally exceeded all my expectations. She is very personally involved in each detail and has the ability to steer you in choices that are not only wise, stunning and cost-effective but also to gently nudge out of bad choices. Her very kind yet confident nature is very comforting and her attitude of going to the ends of the earth and working tirelessly to get every detail perfect is truly commendable!

I highly recommend Velvet Interiors for the Best interior design that surprisingly suits your pocket for spaces that make a house a warm, beautiful and loving home to be very proud of!


The best service, stunning beautiful perfection. Thank you Uline, I am more than happy with my upholstery


I can highly recommend Uline for any upholstery work. Excellent service was done quickly and very good quality.


The best of the best! Uline jys net aboluut wonderlik! Al 4 Fabric blinds laat maak en elke keer verstom met die kwaliteit en diens! So baie dankie!



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